WilburCo is a collective of Designers, Engineers, Branding Wizards and Rule Breakers dedicated to the creation of the most bold and exciting products and brands ever to exist in the physical world. Founded by award-winning industrial designer Jason Wilbur in 2007, WilburCo has helped individuals, start-ups and multinational corporations achieve what they were once told was impossible. Our unique creative process, youthful spirit, open minds and technical expertise allows for rapid ideation and powerful realization of a wide range of products, from simple to complex. 

From futuristic luxury watches to consumer products; from concept cars to alternative vehicles - we approach everything we do with unbridled passion and creative integrity.


We are a rare breed. We don't use buzzwords and we don't follow trends. We are big-picture thinkers and dreamers who are also firmly grounded and understand what it takes to create successful businesses. We can focus on details while being well aware of our surroundings and we know that ideas are worth nothing if they can't be executed and repeated. We don't just make art, we make business.